Go Vote

Go vote!  We understand that contacting an oil and gas law firm can be intimidating.  In an effort to alleviate some of the stress and the unknown of contacting our firm, Oil and Gas Coordinator Josh May will discuss some of the types of calls we receive and the approach we take in talking to and representing clients.  If you have an oil and gas issue, question, problem, or just want to talk about something that is going on with your property or with the industry, please do not hesitate to contact us at (304) 845-9750 for a free consultation.  We are licensed to practice in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  Our practice areas include, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Oil & Gas, Medical Malpractice, and Social Security.

We are taking a slight detour this week from Oil and Gas Law.  Don’t worry, there are plenty more stories and case types we’re going to explore in the coming weeks, but today we need to talk about what is going on outside our doors and windows.  I’ll be the first to tell you, and if you know me personally or follow me on social media I’ve joked many times about this: I don’t watch much CNN or Fox News, I watch sports. If Game 4 of the Rockets/Jazz playoff series is on simultaneously with a preliminary Democratic President Debate, give me Harden/Westbrook over Biden/Sanders. With that said, even someone who is not very political, someone who doesn’t watch much local or national news, someone who flips through the paper to grab the sports page first and rarely circles back for the headline news, someone who doesn’t engage in political banter for the most part with friends and colleagues, is still someone who is fully aware and engaged on what is happening in our world today. It’s hard not to be triggered by the events of the last few days, weeks, months, etc., but there has to be a better way forward.  Spread peace and go vote!

2020, right?

This calendar year has been one I don’t think we’ll ever forget.  Sure, many of us have joked that we just want to sleep through the rest of this, or wash this year away and start fresh in 2021, but time doesn’t have a fast forward feature.  We’re in this.  I’d like to say we’re in this together, but the events that have transpired in our country recently make that statement a hard one to digest. So how do we move forward?  How do we become better versions of ourselves and help others do the same?  I think it starts with understanding what barriers still exist in our country and work to start breaking them down.  Do we have issues?  Yes, absolutely we do.  In 2020 we are still dealing with systemic racism, political divisiveness, bigotry, and social injustice just to name a few.  It’s our job to start listening to the protestors, to the activists, to those fighting for change and be part of the movement towards equality.  To build a better world for those that will carry the torch for us when we’re gone.  If 2020 has taught us anything, it should teach us that we as the human race in this country have a lot of room for growth.  We can be better, we should be better, and most importantly, we need to be better.

Peace and Love

By now, we’ve all watched the horrific scene that took place in Minneapolis when George Floyd, a middle-aged black male, lost his life due to being handcuffed and subdued on the ground with a knee to the back of his neck by an officer of the law who failed to embrace even the most basic levels of humanity.  We’ve probably also seen the story of Ahmaud Arbery, the young black male in Georgia who was shot and killed while jogging.  In major cities across the county, people have taken to the streets, some violently, but most non-violently to protest.  Whatever feelings you may have about the protests, the response from the police in the streets, or even the response from our President, those debates are for another day.  What’s not up for debate today is this: We want justice for those families who suffer the losses of loved ones from atrocities such as the case of George Floyd, but more importantly, we need change.  We live in the greatest country in the world.  One where we are free to voice our opinions, free to protest, free to form movements which incite action or call attention to injustice, and believe it or not, free to disagree with one another.  We are afforded more liberties here than any other place in the world.  So why are we NOT taking advantage of it?  With all that we have, we are still failing.  We can’t let our humanity take a back seat.  We must strive for the change we need in a peaceful way.  In one of my favorite movies of all-time, Semi Pro, the great Jackie Moon famously said “E.L.E.” What does ELE stand for? EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY!  Although we joke about that in the context of the film, it really does have a literal meaning today.  E.L.E!

Go Vote

Lastly, we talked about needing change.  I’m proud that we have a constitution that affords us the right to protest.  I’m proud to live in a place where people can take to the streets to call out for change, and I’m proud of those who use their platforms, whatever those may be, to do the same.  Let’s not forget about another one of our constitutional rights…the right to vote. Something we easily take for granted.  How can we go about change?  One way is to educate ourselves on those who want to represent our communities, out cities, our states, and our country.  No matter your political affiliation, your voice matters.  Don’t let people tell you your vote doesn’t matter.  It may not swing an election one way or the other, but what if it did? Furthermore, even if it seemingly didn’t have consequence to you, did it have consequence to someone else?  Did it possibly give a politician who thought of giving up a belief that he could run again and possibly win the next time?

In West Virginia, the primary election is today, Tuesday, June 9th.  Hopefully if you are reading this you have already voted.  Congrats if you did.  If you haven’t yet voted, there is still time.  Find your local polling place and be a vehicle for change.  One of the best ways to go about change is to cast our vote for it.  Be part of the solution, and encourage others to tag along with you.


The wrap-up this week is simple.  Everybody Love Everybody!  Go Vote!  Treat others the way you wish to be treated.  If you are taking to the streets, please do so peacefully, and with others in mind.  All of the looting and destruction that is taking place across the country is not bringing back those who have fallen victim to tragedy so don’t be a part of that.  Rise Above Hate.  Be the best version of yourself. Spread Peace.

Let Us Help You

We will be back to speaking on Oil and Gas matters next week, but if you have a question or issue relating to Oil and Gas, please know we are here to help you.  Give my office a call at (304) 845-9750. We look forward to hearing from you soon.