Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accident cases are typically more complex and more costly to litigate than other types of vehicle accident cases.  In addition, drivers of semis, tractor trailers, and other commercial trucks and buses are subject to a variety of different safety rules and regulations that other drivers are not.   When truck drivers break these rules and regulations, it often results in severe and life-changing injuries and that often have deadly consequences.  People injured in a truck accident need a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced truck accident lawyer by their side.  Not only will a truck accident lawyer do everything possible to maximize the injured person’s recovery, they will do everything in their power to make the process as stress free as can be.  

If you’re suffering from a truck accident injury in West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, call GKT to speak with a truck accident lawyer who is best suited to handle your case.  We know the ins and outs of litigating a truck accident lawsuit and have the experience to back it up.  Consultations are always free and we never collect a fee unless we make a recovery in your truck accident case.  Our truck accident lawyers are always available at any time by calling (304) 845-9750, by Live Chat 24/7 at, or online.  Need help?  Get help.  Get GKT.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are typically caused by a variety of factors.  A truck accident may simply be due to the careless actions of the truck driver or because the truck driver failed to follow federal truck safety rules and regulations such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act.  That’s why it’s so important for truck accident victims to have a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer on their side.  Below are some of the more common causes of truck accidents:

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Lack of truck driver experience
  • Overweight truck
  • Failure to maintain brakes and other truck maintenance issues
  • Unfamiliarity with the road
  • Speeding
  • Failure to follow road signs
  • Road conditions
  • Rain, snow, ice or other weather condition
  • Alcohol or drug impairment
  • Traffic congestion

According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study, the “critical reason” behind most truck accidents were truck driver errors in performance, recognition, or decision-making.  Truck maintenance issues and environmental issues such as rain, snow, and ice were also found to be critical factors. 

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accidents can be extremely violent crashes, and the injuries sustained in tractor trailer crashes are some of the worst injuries suffered on our roadways.  While some truck accidents only cause relatively minor injuries, many truck accidents cause painful, traumatic, and sometimes permanent injuries.  Tragically, some truck accidents cause death and leave behind grieving family and friends searching for answers.  The best truck accident lawyers, like those at GKT, will have experience handling different truck accident injuries.  Some of the more common truck accident injuries are below:

Brain injury

Truck accidents can cause concussions, brain bleeds, brain swelling, and other injury to the brain.  Brain injuries can heal in a matter of days or cause permanent disability, including loss of motor skills, loss of function, loss of senses, loss of speech, and a variety of other disabilities.  Brain injuries suffered in a truck accident more often result in permanent disability than in other types of vehicle accidents.

Spine injury

Truck accidents can cause spine injuries, including, bulging, herniated, and slipped discs or temporary or permanent paralysis.  Spine injuries can cause permanent pain to the back and neck.  Spine injuries resulting from a truck accident may never completely heal.  Like other injuries, spine injuries sustained in a truck accident tend to be more severe than those in other vehicle accidents and are more likely to cause permanent disability such as paralysis. 


Because of the size and weight of most trucks, leg or arm amputations are less than uncommon truck accident injuries.  Arm and leg amputations can cause permanent disability and loss of future income. 

Broken Bones

Broken bones are a frequent truck accident injury and can strike any part of the body.  Broken arms and broken legs are some of the more common broken bones suffered in a truck accident and can be extremely painful.  While most broken bones heal completely, some may result in permanent disfigurement or loss of use. 

Muscle, tendon, and ligament tears

Truck accidents can cause severe muscle, tendon, and ligament strains and tears.  Like broken bones, muscle tendon, and ligament injuries suffered in a truck accident can be painful and can result in permanent loss of use. 


Burns are some of the most painful injuries people suffer in truck accidents.  Whether it is a 1st degree burn, 2nd degree burn, 3rd degree burn, or 4th degree burn, a burn is particularly susceptible to infection.  Burns can cause cosmetic issues and disfigurement and even permanent disability. 

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, people die in truck accidents every year.  Because of the size and weight of trucks and other commercial vehicles, death is more likely in truck accident cases than in other vehicle crashes.  When a person dies of their truck accident injuries, their family may have a wrongful death case. 

Common Truck Accident Types

Like other vehicle accidents, truck accidents are not uniform and can happen under a variety of circumstances.  Having a truck accident lawyer experienced in the specific truck accident you were involved in is extremely important.  The truck accident attorneys at GKT have represented clients injured in a variety of truck crashes, including: 

Rear-end Collision or Fender Bender Truck Accident

A rear-end collision or “fender bender” accident is when the front end of a truck crashes into the back end of another vehicle or vice versa.  Truck fender benders are some of the more common truck accidents and can be caused by a variety of factors, including a distracted truck driver, truck driver fatigue, truck maintenance issues like brakes, or environmental issues like rain, snow, or ice. 

Head-on Collision

A head-on truck collision happens when the front end of a truck crashes into the front end of another vehicle or vice versa.   Head-on truck accidents are some of the more tragic and deadly types of accidents.  Common causes of head-on truck collisions include a distracted truck driver, not being familiar with the road, failure to follow road signs, truck driver fatigue, and alcohol or drug impairment.

Side Collision or T-Bone Truck Accident

A side collision, sometimes referred to as a T-Bone truck accident, occurs when the front end of a truck crashes into the side of another vehicle or vice versa.  Like head-on collisions, T-Bone truck accidents are some of the more tragic and deadly types of truck accidents.  Common causes of side collision or T-Bone truck accidents include speeding, distracted truck driver, failure to follow stop lights or stop signs, failure to yield, and truck driver fatigue. 

A particular type of T-Bone truck accident occurs when the front end of a car or other vehicle crashes into and goes under the side of the truck’s trailer.  These types of accidents are commonly referred to as under carriage truck accidents or under ride truck accidents.  Unfortunately, the outcome in under carriage crashes usually results in wrongful death.  The truck accident attorneys at GKT have successfully represented clients in these types of truck crashes.      

Merge or Change of Lane Truck Accidents

Merge or change of lane truck accidents occur when a truck driver attempts to merge or change lanes and hits another vehicle in their lane or vice versa.  While merge or change of lane accidents are typically less serious than other types of accidents, they can cause serious injuries or even death when a truck is involved.  Merge or change of lane truck accidents can be caused by a variety of factors including unfamiliarity with roads, truck driver fatigue, distracted truck driver, and alcohol and drug impairment. 

Compensation for Truck Accident Injuries

The amount of compensation due to a person injured in a truck accident can vary widely based on any number of factors, including the type and severity of injuries, the cause of the truck accident, the fault of the truck driver, the fault of the injured driver or passenger, whether the truck driver or truck company violated any safety law, rule, or regulation, and whether alcohol or drugs were involved.  This is by no means a comprehensive list.  If you’ve been injured in a truck accident and want to know how much compensation you may be entitled to, contact the truck lawyers at GKT at (304) 845-9750, Live Chat 24/7 at, or contact us online. 

People injured in truck accidents may be entitled to the following compensation:

  • Hospital bills and other medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Long term or permanent medical care
  • Disfigurement
  • Lost wages and loss of income
  • Lost future wages and loss of future income
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of companionship or loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Annoyance, aggravation, and inconvenience
  • Punitive damages

A knowledgeable and experienced truck accident lawyer can make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.  If you are looking for a truck accident lawyer near you, contact GKT today. 

Who is Responsible for Paying for Truck Accident Injury Compensation?

Because truck accidents often result in serious injuries, the compensation due to those injured in truck accidents can be substantial.  The same holds true when someone passes in a truck accident and their family has a wrongful death case.  While a person injured in a truck accident may be entitled to substantial compensation, obtaining that compensation is not always easy.  In fact, it’s often a fight suitable only for a skilled and experienced truck accident lawyer like those at GKT.  The best truck accident attorneys demand answers, seek justice, and obtain the compensation deserved from all responsible parties. Below are some of the individuals and parties who may be legally responsible for a truck accident injury:

The Truck Company

Under some circumstances, the truck company may be responsible for the unsafe actions and inactions of one of its truck drivers.

The Truck Owner

Under some circumstances, the owner of the truck may be responsible for an accident.  One such circumstance is failure to maintain the truck’s brakes or other equipment.

The Truck Lessor

If the truck is leased by a company, that company may be liable for an accident involving a truck.  Again, failure to maintain the truck’s brakes or other equipment is a possible reason they may be responsible.

The Truck or Trailer Manufacturer

If the cause of a truck accident is the failure of the truck’s brakes, tires, or other equipment, the manufacture of the truck or any equipment may be legally responsible for the accident. 

The best truck accident lawyers, like those at GKT, will investigate the cause of the truck accident and determine which persons and companies may be responsible for the crash.  Holding those responsible for a truck accident is extremely important to making sure an injured person receives the compensation they deserve. 

What are the Truck Safety Laws, Rules, and Regulations?

Trucks are subject to a variety of safety laws, rules, and regulations.  Many of these truck laws are designed to prevent truck accidents and the serious injury they so often cause.  Below are some of the more common truck safety laws, rules, and regulations that factor into a truck accident case. 

Hours of Service Rules

Hours of service rules limit the amount of consecutive and cumulative hours that a truck driver may be on the road.  The rules are designed to make sure truck drivers are well-rested and alert when driving and not suffering from driver fatigue.  The hours of service rules distinguish between truck drivers carrying property (“Property-Carrying Drivers”) and bus drivers (“Passenger-Carrying Drivers”).

Property-Carrying Drivers

These truck drivers may only drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty, among other things. 

Passenger-Carrying Drivers

These bus drivers may only drive a maximum of 10 hours after 8 consecutive hours off duty. 

Driving During Snow, Rain, Ice, or Other Dangerous Condition

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, 49 C.F.R. § 392.14, truck drivers must use “extreme caution…when hazardous condition, such as those caused by snow, ice, sleet, fog, mist, rain, dust, or smoke adversely affect visibility or traction.”  Truck drivers are held to a high standard during snow, rain, ice, and other dangerous weather conditions.  What “extreme caution” requires will depend on the unique weather-related circumstances of the truck crash, which is why having an experienced truck crash lawyer is so important. 

Truck Weight Limits

Truck weight limits are subject to both federal and state regulations and include gross weight limits and axle limits.

A compilation of the different state laws regarding truck weight limitations and other information is available from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration’s Freight Management and Operations

Trucks that exceed the maximum allowable weight limit are a major factor in some truck accidents, especially those involving rear-end or “fender bender” accidents.  A truck accident attorney that is knowledgeable about truck weight rules and regulations is vital to making sure truck accident victims receive the compensation they deserve.  The truck accident attorneys at GKT have this experience and we can help you. 

Oil and Gas Truck Accidents

The Marcellus and Utica shale developments have brought a variety of economic benefits to West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  While we welcome the oil and gas industry into our communities that does not mean that these opportunities are without negative impacts. 

One such negative impact is oil and gas truck accidents.  Since the beginning of the Marcellus and Utica fracking boom in 2005, oil and gas trucks have been a common sight on our roads.  Unfortunately, with more drilling, you see more oil and gas truck accidents.  As many know, our roads were not designed for large trucks. Unfortunately, the increase in oil and gas truck activity on our roads has also increased the number of oil and gas truck accidents.

Common Oil and Gas Truck Types

Box or Sand Trucks

These oil and gas trucks transport “frac sand” to a well pad site.  Sand is used to keep fractures of the shale open so that gas can escape and come to the surface.  Sand trucks are a common sight on our roads and look like they’re carrying a box rather than a trailer.  One of the more common companies that owns or operates sand box trucks is Halliburton. 

Water Trucks

Water trucks transport fresh water to well pad sites and carry away produced water from well pad sites.  These are also a common sight on our roads, even though some producers are transporting their water via pipelines rather than trucks.

Tanker Trucks

Tanker trucks transport oil, condensate, or natural gas liquids from well pad sites to processing or other facilities. Tanker trucks are required to take increased precautions because they’re carrying flammable and volatile materials. 

Wide Load Trucks

Wide load trucks are not necessarily tied to the oil and gas industry, but they are frequently used by it.  Wide load trucks may be carrying pipeline, oil and gas facilities or infrastructure, or heavy machinery or equipment.  Wide load trucks must be adequately marked and must have a pilot car. 

Common Causes of Oil and Gas Truck Accidents

Crossing the Double Yellow Line

Oil and gas trucks are notorious for crossing the double yellow line and invading the oncoming lane.  When oil and gas trucks cross the double yellow line, they put oncoming cars and other vehicles at great risk of a head-on collision.  Oil and gas trucks, like all other vehicles, have a duty to drive safely in their own lane.  When they don’t these oil and gas trucks can cause very serious injury and even death.

Road Conditions

It’s no secret that some our roads in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are in need of repair.  The pounding they take from oil and gas trucks does not help.  When roads are in bad shape, oil and gas trucks sometimes take actions that could cause a serious accident.  A good example of this is an oil and gas truck making an illegal u-turn on a two-lane road because the road ahead has slipped or is impassable.

Unfamiliarity with Roads

Many oil and gas truck drivers are not from West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania  These out-of-towners don’t have the same familiarity with our roads as we do, and that can be a major factor in many oil and gas truck accident cases.  Oil and gas truck drivers can quickly find themselves on roads that they know they should not be on due to the weight and size of their trucks. 

At GKT, our oil and gas team has the unique blend of knowledge and experience to represent those injured in oil and gas truck accidents.  Our oil and gas lawyer, Christian Turak, brings a wealth of knowledge regarding oil and gas operations, trucks, and facilities.  Our truck accident lawyers, like Teena Miller, have the experience needed to fight for persons injured in truck accidents.  Contact GKT today if you’ve been injured in an oil and gas truck accident.  

What Should I Do if I’ve Been Injured in a Truck Accident?

In the immediate aftermath of a truck accident, there may be a great deal of confusion, pain, stress, and anxiety.  The actions you take in the days following a truck accident can mean the difference between obtaining the compensation you deserve or not.  Time is critical in truck accident cases.  If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, make sure you:

Receive immediate medical treatment

Your health and safety are most important.  Even if you think you have not suffered an injury or only suffered a minor injury, seek medical care as soon as possible to make sure your health is not at risk.

Take pictures or videos of the accident scene

If you’re physically able to and it is safe to do so, make sure you document the truck accident scene with pictures and videos.  Make sure you take picture of different angles of the truck accident and obtain close up pictures as well as the “whole” picture.  Also, don’t forget to take picture of the license plates of any vehicles involved in the truck accident, the driver’s licenses and insurance information of any persons involved in the accident.  Don’t forget to obtain witness contact information as well. 

Contact a truck accident lawyer

As soon as you are able to, and certainly within days of the crash, you should contact a truck accident lawyer at GKT.   Don’t delay.   A GKT truck accident lawyer will take immediate steps to investigate the accident and preserve any evidence that may otherwise be destroyed.  The best truck accident lawyers, like those at GKT, can also help begin the process of reaching out to and dealing with your insurance company as well as the truck driver’s insurance company, the truck company’s insurance company, and any other potential source of insurance coverage.  Remember, anything you say to an insurance company can and will be used against you

Continue with all hospital, doctor, and any other medical appointments and treatments

Some people suffering from truck accident injuries will stop going to medical appointments or stop medical treatments because they think they’ve recovered or because it’s inconvenient.  Don’t do that!  Failure to go to your medical appointments and treatments can have very serious negative impacts to your truck accident case and keep you from obtaining the compensation you deserve. 

Get Better

After you’ve hired the best truck accident lawyer for you, focus on your health and recovery and let your lawyer investigate and pursue a settlement or lawsuit. 

What Will the Right Truck Accident Lawyer Do for Me?

The best truck accident lawyers, like those at GKT, will take the time to get to know your truck accident case.  That means your attorney should give you the personal attention you deserve by learning not only about your truck accident case and injuries, but you as a person.  You can expect this from the attorneys at GKT. 

A skilled truck accident lawyer will then investigate the truck accident, gather evidence that could be used to determine the cause of the truck accident and who is at fault or potentially liable for the truck accident.  The truck accident lawyer should also take immediate steps to make sure that important evidence, such as the truck and any equipment, such as brakes or tires, are preserved for evidence.  Time is critical, do not delay contacting GKT. 

The best truck accident lawyers will also collect and document any medical bills or expenses you have incurred to make sure that you receive the compensation you’re owed.  Your attorney will then reach out to all insurance companies.

Sometimes, a truck accident lawyer is able to negotiate a settlement without having to file a lawsuit.  Other times, that’s not possible.  An experienced truck accident lawyer takes the best interests of his or her client when evaluating different options for a successful resolution.  At GKT, our attorneys will thoroughly explain all options with the client, and the final decision to accept any settlement or to go to trial is always up to the client.

About Gold Khourey & Turak Truck Accident Lawyers

At GKT, our truck accident lawyers understand that people injured in truck accidents are dealing with much more than physical injuries.  They’re dealing with a great deal of confusion, stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.  Our truck accident lawyers know that their job is to provide personal attention and relieve that stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.  That’s in addition to fighting for the compensation that our truck accident clients expect and deserve. 

And, when it comes to fighting for the compensation our truck accident clients deserve, our results speak for themselves.  GKT truck accident lawyer, Teena Miller, focuses her personal injury practice on truck and tractor trailer accidents and has received training on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act.  She, along with the other truck accident lawyers at GKT, have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients injured or wrongfully killed in truck crashes. 

At GKT, our truck accident clients are more than just a “case” or a “file”—our truck accident clients are our neighbors and friends.  We mean that, and that’s why if you’ve been injured in a truck accident in West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, hiring the truck accident lawyers at GKT is the best decision you can make. 

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, contact GKT today.  Our truck accident lawyers have represented countless people throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Consultations are always free, and we do not charge a fee unless we win your case.  Our truck accident lawyers are always available at any time by calling (304) 845-9750, by Live Chat 24/7 at, or online.  Need help?  Get help.  Get GKT.

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