Negotiating a Pipeline Right-of-Way

The oil and gas industry has brought many opportunities to the Ohio Valley, but with those opportunities come risks and challenges for residents and landowners. Among these challenges are pipeline projects threatening your land, home, and way of life. Unfortunately, the reality is that pipeline projects are almost impossible to stop because some companies have the power of eminent domain.  However, if the pipeline cannot be stopped, it may be possible to change the route of the pipeline so it does not interfere with your property. Regardless of your circumstances and outlook for the pipeline project, you and your family need to be protected. Individual landowners cannot effectively negotiate against land agents and big oil and gas companies. Land agents and the companies they represent DO NOT have your best interest in mind, but WE DO, so Don’t Be Fooled. The pipeline lawyers at Gold, Khourey & Turak have a proven track record of successfully representing landowners in pipeline projects, including pipeline easements and rights-of-way.  No local pipeline law firm matches our results.  Don’t settle for less.  We can help protect you, your property and your family legacy.  Contact us at (304) 845-9750 for a free case review, or Live Chat with us 24/7 at GKT.com, or complete our online form.  Need help?  Get help.  Get GKT.

Pipeline Lawyers Get Results For YOU

Our pipeline lawyers have successfully negotiated the financial and operational terms of pipeline projects on behalf of landowners throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Our experienced pipeline easement lawyers have helped hundreds of landowners collect millions of dollars in compensation.  There is no local oil and gas law firm that matches our results.  You can Trust Us to protect you, your property, and your family legacy. Call today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.  Home, evening, and weekend appointments are available.  Need help?  Get help.  Get GKT.

Many landowners that hired our oil and gas lawyers obtained up to 5 times more in compensation than they were initially offered.* Let us provide you with peace of mind knowing that your property and family legacy are secure for the future. Contact our office today and speak with a pipeline lawyer.  Our pipeline easement lawyer will talk to you about your situation at no cost to you. 

We Can Provide You With:

  • Better Protection
  • More Compensation
  • Agreement on Your Terms
  • Secure Family Legacy
  • Peace of Mind
  • Personalized Attention

*Results may vary depending upon the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

The Pipeline is Coming. Don’t Be Fooled

A major pipeline project has been proposed and your property is on the path.  If you have not already been contacted, you will be approached by an oil and gas company seeking to acquire very valuable rights-of-way. These companies hire land agents who are skilled at negotiating and their job is to convince landowners to sign agreements that benefit the company. DON’T BE FOOLED, land agents are friendly but keep in mind that their job is to look out for their company, NOT YOU. They are hired to obtain the best deal for their company, NOT YOU.

Our pipeline right-a-way attorneys represent YOU, the landowner. We look out for YOU and can obtain more compensation and better protection for you and your family.  DON’T BE FOOLED when the land agent tells you that you are getting the same price as everyone else, this isn’t true!  We know because our pipeline attorneys have obtained more money and better protection for hundreds of landowners who were told the same thing.  DON’T BE FOOLED, get the truth, call us today for a free consultation.  Need help?  Get help.  Get GKT.

When Should You Contact a Pipeline Attorney?

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!  When you receive that unexpected knock at the door and realize that a land agent is interested in talking to you about your property…you should contact an experienced pipeline attorney at GKT as soon as you can and before you sign anything at all!  The land agent may provide you an offer on the spot, and the agent may even be prepared to issue you a check.  Don’t be fooled!  While some landmen are professionals who take pride in the work they do, other are less scrupulous and will tell you anything they need to in order to get you to sign their documents.  It’s difficult to determine if the landman you let into your home is a sheep or a wolf in sheep’s clothing, read, The Oil and Gas Landman:  Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?  Three Pieces of Advice to Follow.  This is just the beginning of a journey that will lead to a lot of sleepless nights and stress for you and your family unless you have help.  Our pipeline attorneys understand the process and can help alleviate many of your worries and give you peace of mind.  The unexpected knocks at the door will stop, the parade of unfamiliar people on your property will end, the phone calls from land agents cease, and you will regain control of your property and your life.

Current Pipeline Projects

Our pipeline attorneys are actively negotiating the financial and operational terms of pipeline projects on behalf of landowners. If you have been notified that your property is on the path of a pipeline, you should contact our office immediately to see what steps to take to ensure you and your family are protected. We have represented landowners affected by the following pipeline projects:

  • Rover
  • Columbia Mountaineer XPress
  • Columbia Leach XPress
  • SWN Angelina Gathering
  • Mountain Valley
  • Kinder Morgan Utopia

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