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Personal Injury Lawyers

When a person suffers a serious injury from an accident, it can be devastating.  The personal injury attorneys at Gold, Khourey & Turak know that recovery from a serious injury can and often is a long, slow, and painful process.  Hospitalizations, treatments by different specialists, and rehabilitation can last months if not years until an injury is fully healed.  Sometimes, an injury never fully heals and can cause permanent disability.

In addition, our personal injury lawyers know that people suffering from serious injury carry the stress of dealing with insurance companies, loss of work, and loss of income.  For many people, the burden of recovery from a serious injury is often too much to handle alone.  The physical, emotional, mental, and financial strain can simply be too much to bear for many people suffering from a serious injury after an accident.

People who have suffered from a serious personal injury need help.  They need the help of a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer.  That’s because a personal injury lawyer can take the ease the burden on those suffering from a serious injury and help them obtain the compensation they deserve.  A skilled personal injury lawyer can help an injured person focus on what is most important—recovering and getting back to normal as quickly as possible.

That’s why if you’ve suffered an injury in West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, you should call the personal injury lawyers at Gold, Khourey & Turak.  The personal injury lawyers at Gold Khourey & Turak represent those suffering from injuries throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Our personal injury attorneys are available at any time by calling (304) 845-9750, by Live Chat 24/7 at GKT.com, or online.  Need help?  Get help.  Get GKT.

About Gold Khourey & Turak Personal Injury Lawyers

For over 45 years, Gold, Khourey & Turak has been one of West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania’s premier personal injury law firms.  We have represented thousands of injured people and their families and collected millions of dollars on their behalf.  We have never represented insurance companies and never will.  Our focus is on helping those suffering from a serious personal injury recover and obtain the compensation they deserve.  We fight to hold those who cause personal injury accountable for their actions—whether they are an individual or a fortune 500 company.  You can count on GKT to fight and protect your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve. 

At GKT, our personal injury clients always come first.  Our personal injury clients aren’t just a case, they’re our neighbors and friends. We take pride in developing a personal relationship with each person, which extends well beyond the attorney-client relationship. You can count on us to be there for you and your family. When you need legal help, ask your friends and neighbors about us. Our personal injury lawyers are licensed to practice in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

In our 45+ years of experience, GKT has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of people suffering from serious personal injury as a result of a variety of accidents.  Whether it’s a car accident, truck accident, work accident or incident, or a slip and fall, the personal injury lawyers at GKT have the knowledge and experience to maximize the compensation due to you for your personal injury. That is why if you’ve suffered an injury in West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, hiring GKT’s personal injury lawyers may be the best decision you make.  Need help?  Get help.  Get GKT.

Personal Injury Cases

At GKT, we represent a wide array of personal injury cases.  Just because the circumstances under which you’ve been injured are not in the categories below does not mean that our personal injury lawyers can’t take your case.  Contact GKT today to learn more. 

Car Accidents

When people hear the phrase, “personal injury” most think of car accident injuries.  At GKT, we’ve represent hundreds of people who have suffered injury as a result of a car accident.  While car accident injuries are relatively common, that does not mean that our personal injury lawyers treat them as such.  Car accident injury cases can be complex due to the nature of the accident and the injuries sustained.  More importantly, each car accident client is unique and deserving of personal attention, and that’s just what you can expect from the personal injury attorneys at GKT. 

Truck Accidents

Truck accident cases are similar to car accident cases except a truck, tractor trailer, semi-truck, or other commercial vehicle is involved.  However, truck accident cases are very different from car accidents.  Trucks have the ability to cause more serious injuries more frequently, and truck drivers are subject to a variety of trucking laws, regulations, and rules that other drivers are not.  A knowledgeable and experienced truck accident lawyer is key to making sure people injured in truck accidents receive the compensation they deserve.  GKT’s truck accident lawyer, Teena Miller, focuses her practice on truck accident cases and has received training the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act.  GKT has a proven track record of taking on big trucking companies for clients and obtaining the compensation they deserve.  The truck accident attorneys at GKT can demand answers and hold all parties responsible for the crash.    

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists face many more dangers on the road than other drivers do.  Motorcyclists are confronted with drivers that are distracted and don’t pay close enough attention to what’s happening on the road.  When drivers don’t afford motorcyclists the same rights to use the road that they have, motorcyclists often suffer very serious personal injuries.  Accidents involving motorcycles can be devastating, and typically result in more serious and life-changing personal injuries or worse.  Motorcycle accident cases are some of the most serious cases GKT handles. GKT’s motorcycle accident lawyers have represented motorcyclists who have suffered personal injury in a variety of circumstances. 

Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice cases happen when healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, hospitals, and others provide substandard care that results in personal injury.  Medical malpractice cases are typically highly complex and can involve multiple healthcare providers and hundreds, if not thousands, of medical records and other documents.  People who have suffered a medical malpractice injury are wise to seek out a dedicated medical malpractice lawyer.  GKT’s medical malpractice lawyer, Michelle Marinacci, has the knowledge and experience needed to help those suffering from a medical malpractice injury and fight for the recovery they deserve.  Oftentimes it might not be clear if a medical error constitutes medical malpractice.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact our office to speak with our medical malpractice lawyer.  

Workplace Injury Cases

Unfortunately, workplace injuries are not uncommon in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  The Ohio Valley is full of hard working people in different manufacturing and other blue collar industries.  Those industries involve the use of heavy machinery, equipment, and vehicles that can cause serious personal injury.  The laws and circumstances involving workplace injuries can be difficult to navigate without a trusted workplace injury lawyer.  That makes workplace injury cases some of the most difficult cases to handle.  The workplace injury lawyers at GKT fight for those injured in workplace accidents. 

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Injury Cases

When loved ones are left in the care of a nursing home or other elder treatment facility, we trust that they will be provided exceptional care and protection.  Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect does occur, sometimes resulting in very serious personal injury. When that happens the person causing the nursing home abuse and neglect, as well as the nursing home, must be held accountable.  Nursing home abuse and neglect cases cannot be taken lightly.  The personal injury lawyers at GKT have the knowledge and experience necessary to make sure that nursing home abuse and neglect injury victims receive justice and the compensation they deserve.  You can count on us to seek justice and demand accountability for you or your injured loved one. 

Common Personal Injuries We Handle

The types of injuries that GKT’s personal injury lawyers handle is wide-ranging and diverse.  No matter what injury a person has suffered, the personal injury lawyers at GKT have very likely seen it and have helped someone who has suffered a similar personal injury.  That being said, all personal injuries are unique and each person is unique.  No two personal injuries are exactly the same regardless of the diagnosis or prognosis of the specific injury.  That’s why having a personal injury lawyer that is knowledgeable about different medical and technical aspects associated with different injuries is extremely valuable to our clients.  The personal injury lawyers at GKT have that knowledge and have helped hundreds of people in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania recover the compensation they deserve for their personal injuries. 

Wrongful Death

It’s a sad, sad fact that the worst accidents cause more than just personal injury.  When the worst accidents result in the tragic loss of life, they leave behind grieving families and friends struggling to make sense of it all.  The sudden loss of a loved one can leave a hole that can never be filled.  The wrongful death lawyers at GKT understand this and have helped ease the burden of numerous families struggling with the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one.  It’s more than just seeking compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one—it’s about seeking justice and accountability. 

Brain Injuries

The brain is our most important organ.  We couldn’t do anything without it.  That’s why when a person suffers a brain injury from an accident, the results can be severe and traumatic.  The unfortunate truth is that brain injuries are some of the more common personal injuries suffered in a wide-variety of accidents.  People can suffer concussions, in any number of different accidents.  In more serious personal injury cases, people can suffer from brain bleeds, brain swelling, and permanent brain damage.  These brain injuries can cause significant and permanent cognitive impacts, including memory problems, the inability to focus, the loss of senses, the loss of ability to speak or communicate, among other things.  Brain injuries, like the brain itself, are complex.  People suffering from a brain injury need a personal injury lawyer that is well-versed in these complexities—like the personal injury lawyers like those at GKT.

Broken Bones and Muscle Injuries

Some of the more common personal injuries are those involving broken bones and muscle, tendon, and ligament tears, rips, and strains.  Car, truck, workplace and other accidents don’t discriminate and can cause broken arms, broken legs, broken wrists, broken noses, and any number of other muscular-skeletal injuries.  Sometimes, broken bones and muscle injuries heal in a matter of months without permanent injury or loss of use.  However, sometimes broken bones and muscle injuries never fully heal or result in permanent disability.  That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer in personal injury cases involving broken bones and muscle injuries.  The personal injury attorneys at GKT have that experience. 

Spine Injuries

The spine is what allows our brain to communicate with the rest of our body.  If your brain can’t communicate with your body due to a spine injury, your body can’t perform the way it’s supposed to.  That’s why accidents resulting in spine injuries can be life-changing and devastating—not only for the person suffering from the spine injury, but their family and friends as well.  Unfortunately, spine injuries are not uncommon in many types of accidents, especially car accidents and truck accidents.  People in car accidents and truck accidents commonly experience whiplash which can cause spine injuries.  These injuries can range from relatively minor injuries resulting a sore neck or back for a matter of weeks to bulging, herniated, or slipped discs to paralysis.  No spine injury should be treated lightly.  GKT’s personal injury lawyers can help those suffering from a spine injury as a result of an accident obtain the compensation they deserve. 


Burns are some of the most painful and debilitating personal injuries a person can suffer.  Recovering from a burn injury after an accident often requires months, if not years, of serious medical treatment and can result in permanent disfigurement and loss of use.  Not only does the individual with the burn injury suffer a great deal but the toll taken on family and friends can be nightmarish.  Burns can be complex and navigating legal issues surrounding burns can be difficult.  Hiring a personal injury lawyer experienced in recovering compensation for burn injuries, like those at GKT, is key to maximizing your financial and personal recovery. 

What Compensation is Available in a Personal Injury Case?

The personal injury lawyers at Gold, Khourey & Turak can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.  Our attorneys will work to uncover and collect compensation from all parties at fault.  Above and beyond reimbursement for medical bills and “pain and suffering,” many people don’t know what compensation they are entitled to recover for their personal injury.  The following are the types of compensation persons who have suffered personal injuries may be entitled to:

  • Medical bills and other expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future wages
  • Property damage
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of companionship
  • Punitive damages

Depending on the circumstances of the accident and the personal injury case, the injured person may be entitled to some, all, or even more compensation from a variety of sources.  The personal injury lawyers at GKT can help you determine what types and how much compensation you may be entitled to. 

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Get Results

A personal injury consultation with one of our lawyers is always free.  Our personal injury attorneys will talk to you about your options and will help determine your best course of action. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.  That means that we don’t charge a fee unless we obtain compensation for you. If you think you have a personal injury case, we are here to help.

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