Oil and Gas Accident?  GKT Can Help

With the Marcellus and Utica Shale boom in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, we see more and more oil and gas activity in or around our homes and workplaces.  In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a place left in our communities that has not been touched by the oil and gas industry.  While that offers a multitude of benefits from increased economic activity and jobs (not to mention the lease bonuses and royalties received by landowners), the industry is not without its challenges and adverse impacts.  If you have an oil and gas question, do not hesitate to contact our office at (304) 845-9750.  We can help.

Oil & Gas Challenges

Unfortunately, some of those adverse impacts include accidents, personal injuries, and wrongful death as a result of oil and gas activities. Think about it.  The increased traffic of water trucks, sand trucks, and tanker trucks on our roads throughout the Ohio Valley has caused more truck crashes.

Oil and Gas Truck Accident

Regardless of fault, this makes sense as more and more of this type of traffic will result in more truck crashes.  Accidents also happen on oil and gas well pads which oftentimes result in workers and landowners being injured or killed.  Furthermore, pipelines explode and cause very serious property damage, if not worse.  Oil and gas accidents and injuries happen in Belmont County to Monroe County, Ohio, from Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, and Tyler counties in West Virginia, to Greene County, Pennsylvania.

No county or state is immune.  

GKT is Your Local Oil and Gas Firm

Fortunately, for people who have suffered oil and gas injuries—whether from a truck accident, a well pad fire, pipeline explosion or other activity—GKT is a local law firm that is uniquely qualified to handle your accident and obtain the justice and compensation you deserve.  You have questions, and you can count on us to demand answers and hold those accountable.

Why is that?  It’s simple, really.  GKT has represented West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania victims of wrongful death and personal injuries for more than 40 years.  Whether your injury is the result of an industrial or work place accident or you’re the victim of a drunk driver, the lawyers at GKT have the knowledge and experience to find out what went wrong and maximize your recovery.

You shouldn’t settle for less.

GKT Knows Oil & Gas Accident Law

What sets GKT apart from virtually every other law firm in the Ohio Valley is that we have a dedicated oil and gas practice with lawyers that know the “ins and outs” of the oil and gas industry.  GKT lawyers have experience dealing with and negotiating with oil and gas companies and know how their operations work—what facilities the oil and gas industry operates, how those facilities function, the purpose of such facilities, the products and the characteristics of the same that oil and gas companies deal with.  The list goes on and on.

Oil and Gas Accidents

That knowledge and experience can prove to be the deciding factor in a case where we must prove why a worker’s injury or death is the fault of the oil and gas company and why they should be held responsible.

GKT Can Help!

That is why when it comes to oil and gas accidents and injuries, no other law firm in the Ohio Valley is more qualified than GKT.  If you’ve been injured in an oil and gas accident, oil and gas truck accident, or suffered any other kind of personal injury, call GKT today at (304) 845-9750 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.  We can help.