I’m Outnumbered…and I’m Fine with That

Anytime there’s a point of disagreement in our home—whether it be about what TV show we’re going to watch or whose turn it is to change our daughter’s diaper—my wife, Maggie, never fails to remind me that between her, our daughter Stella, and our two dogs, Lucy and Phoebe, the women outnumber the guys in our house by 4 to 1. So, when the “votes” are inevitably “tallied” (by my wife, behind closed doors of course), it turns out that we’re watching Bachelor in Paradise and I’m changing diapers. How’s that for free and fair elections!

So, when we found out months ago that we were expecting our second child, I was quietly optimistic that we’d have a baby boy on the way…and I’d have an additional vote for the guys in our home. Ever since that time, we’d ask each other and family and friends what they thought the new baby would be.

Christian Turak with Daughters

For months, everyone shared their opinion based upon any number of supposedly time-tested, old wives’ tales. Unsurprisingly, those old wives’ tales did not lead to a consensus, so when we headed to our October 5th appointment at Wheeling Hospital, we were excited to learn what our new baby would be. And at that appointment, we found out that we were having…wait for it…a baby….

GIRL! Another baby girl was on her way into our lives. While Maggie thought I might be disappointed, I can truly and honestly say that out of all of the emotions I felt, disappointment was not one of them. I was simply thrilled to learn that we had a healthy, extremely energetic baby on the way. Boy or girl—it makes no difference. What matters is that everyone is happy and healthy.

So, soon it will be Christian Turak girls 5 and Christian Turak 1, and I couldn’t be happier. Now, as my wife puts it, I am officially a “girl dad” now. I’ll gladly wear that badge with pride. I’m outnumbere, and I’m fine with that!