Takeout Alcohol in Ohio:  What You Should Know

Takeout Alcohol in Ohio, What you should know. One of my favorite parts of being an attorney at GKT is running our firm’s Booze & Cruise, You’ll Lose program, where I travel to local high schools to speak about the legal, financial and personal consequences of driving while impaired, including under the influence of alcohol.  As part of the program, I have an interactive quiz.  Students use their cell phones to answer multiple choice questions, and the results are displayed on a projector.  It’s similar to polling the audience in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.  It’s a great way to interact with the students and share information in a non-preachy manner. 

When I saw this article on WTRF.com, “Can You Drive With Takeout Alcohol?  Explaining Ohio’s Open Container Laws” I knew it would be a great question for my favorite Ohio high schools that we recently visited:  Bridgeport, Shadyside, Martins Ferry, Bellaire, Steubenville, and St. Clairsville.

So, here’s the question:

Can you drive with takeout alcohol in Ohio? 

A.        Yes, but only if it is beer or wine.

B.        Yes, but only if the alcohol is in the backseat or trunk.

C.        Yes, but only if the alcohol is in a sealed container and remains closed.

D.        No, under any circumstances.

What’s your answer? 

The answer is C.

According to Ohio law, you can drive with takeout alcohol in your vehicle as long as it is in a sealed container and remains closed at all times.  Of course, it is illegal and a criminal act to consume any amount of alcohol while driving—not to mention that it is an extremely ill-advised and reckless thing to do. 

This is all the more important to keep in mind with the COVID-19 pandemic.  People are ordering takeout more and more often as restaurants are closed for dining in.  If you order takeout alcohol in Ohio, you should keep this information in mind.  Restaurants would be wise to make sure that the alcohol they sell is sealed with tape or some other adhesive and not served with a straw.  

Be Safe This Holiday Season

Drinking and driving is a serious problem in our community.  It’s a leading cause of car accidents, many of which result in serious injuries and even death.  Ohio car accidents always increase with the upcoming holiday season—as we represent the victims of drunk driving car accidents at GKT, we see it with our own eyes. 

If you’re ordering takeout alcohol in Ohio, make sure that you don’t run afoul of the law and keep your container sealed and closed at all times while driving.  And, of course, don’t drink and drive! 

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