Storytime with Gold, Khourey & Turak

On Thursday afternoon, the personal injury lawyers from Gold, Khourey & Turak visited Hilltop Elementary School to help motivate and nurture young students’ excitement for reading.  The local law firm made a special delivery of nearly 700 books!  The generous delivery of many kid-favorite titles was made possible by Scholastic Book Clubs, a division of Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education, and media company.  GKT personal injury lawyer, Chris Turak, and GKT truck accident attorney, Teena Miller, visited the school.

“One of the greatest gifts a child can learn is not just the skill to read, but the excitement for it,” says personal injury lawyer Christopher Turak. “When kids are excited to read, they read a lot more.  “Reading is the foundation for all learning, it stimulates imagination, leads to stronger analytical thinking skills, and better writing skills.  I remember my mother reading to me as a child, one of my favorite books was Charlotte’s Web.  My mother was a teacher, and really made a point to share the excitement for reading with me,” Turak recalls fondly.  “We are proud to collaborate with Scholastic Book Clubs to provide these books to Hilltop Elementary.”

Scholastic Book Clubs provided nine titles to every 2nd grader to take home, a complete set of titles to each 2nd-grade classroom, and a complete set to the school’s library. The titles included Junie B. Jones, Humphrey, Who Would Win, The Fly Guy, and more.

Cindy McCutcheon, the principal at Hilltop Elementary School, is thrilled with the books.  “Our students love reading and we are so grateful for the books,” says McCutcheon.

Thank you GKT and Scholastic Book Clubs for your generosity and passion for reading.  The enthusiasm and joy you share for reading will help create a tradition with these students to be excited about new books for many years,” adds McCutcheon.

Prior to the presentation of books, the students were also introduced to Scholastic Book Clubs’ Book Boys and GKT truck accident attorney Teena Miller read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat to the 2nd graders. Turak’s nephew, Jamie, works at Scholastic Book Clubs and is a member of the Book Boys. Each week the Book Boys create fun classroom-friendly videos for kids to get them excited about reading and help them discover new books.

“Maybe your child is too young to read or has difficulty reading, or just hasn’t found the love yet – but you shouldn’t give up,” offers Miller.  “Taking time to read to your child can help them learn to love to read. We are proud to team with Scholastic Book Clubs to celebrate the excitement of reading with local students,” says Miller.