Should you handle your Car Accident case?

When you’re injured in a car accident, insurance companies will assure you that they will treat you fairly and that it’s unnecessary to hire a personal injury attorney, but this isn’t the case.  Be aware that insurance companies have a team of car accident lawyers working for them.  They don’t represent you.  Their job is to minimize the insurance companies’ losses by aggressively defending accident claims, offering “quick settlements,” and low balling offers.

Whether the insurance company’s offer is a good or bad one depends on the circumstances.  Is there an argument to be made as to who is at fault for the accident?  Does the insurance company’s offer fully compensate the injured driver or injured passenger?  Each of these questions and many more should be answered and evaluated by an experienced personal injury lawyer before accepting an insurance company’s offer to settle an accident claim.

Unless you’re experienced in negotiating with insurance companies, understand complex insurance issues, and have access to the necessary information about whether a settlement offer is fair, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as you are able.

Car Accident Litigation

Just because a GKT personal injury lawyer files a lawsuit on behalf of a person injured in a car accident, doesn’t mean that you’ll end up at trial.  The vast majority of car accident cases settle without a trial.  Sometimes, they settle without much litigation and sometimes they settle on the eve of (or even during) trial.  Of course, most end up settling somewhere in the middle.  Each personal injury case is different and has different strengths and weaknesses.

A knowledgeable and experienced GKT personal injury lawyer can help you determine the value of your case and when best to settle—or not to settle.  The goal is to obtain the compensation those injured in a car accident deserve.  And, when the parties are unable to agree to a settlement, the personal injury lawyers at GKT have the knowledge and experience to fight at trial.

The number one goal of the personal injury attorneys at GKT is to fight for and obtain the compensation owed to those injured in a car accident.  Sometimes, it’s obtained without filing a personal injury lawsuit.  However, many times it takes the filing of a lawsuit and experienced legal representation to obtain fair and adequate compensation for car accident injuries.

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