Oil and Gas Attorney Announces Marshall & Wetzel County Landgroup Formed

Gold, Khourey & Turak is your local oil and gas law firm.  Our oil and gas attorney, Christian Turak, has announced the formation of the Marshall & Wetzel Counties Landgroup in West Virginia.

If you have oil and gas minerals coming up for lease in 2017 or 2018, you are likely eligible to join our Group.  If you want to receive more compensation and better protection for your mineral rights, please take time to read this short article.  Our oil and gas attorney only represents land and mineral owners, and never big oil and gas companies.

Why Join a Landgroup?

Through the years of fighting for our clients, our oil and gas lawyers have learned that the only way to receive the best compensation and best lease terms is when people join together and fight for their common interests as a group.  The oil and gas companies realize that there is strength in numbers and are willing to pay significant premiums to acquire acreage in bulk.  The oil and gas industry is only beginning to come back in full swing, and the time is now to take advantage of this opportunity.

Why Our Landgroup?

Our West Virginia oil and gas team has done it before.  In 2014, we formed the Marshall and Ohio Counties Landgroup and negotiated a more than $100 million agreement for our clients.  We were able to obtain favorable leasing terms, including, among other items, a true gross oil and gas royalty, Marcellus and Utica limitations, and Pugh clauses to protect our clients’ rights.  In addition, the oil and gas company paid our attorneys’ fees! – this means even more money for our clients.                                                                         

Oil and Gas Free, No Obligation Consultation

There is no cost and no obligation to speak with us.  If you are interested and want to learn more, please contact our office at (304) 845-9750 and someone from our office will contact you within the next business day. 

We appreciate your interest and look forward to speaking with you.