Car Accident Lawyers Promote Don’t Text and Drive

Car accident attorney Teena Miller, students from all over the Ohio Valley, and WTRF Reporter Shelby Davis teamed up on August 16th to deliver a very strong message: Don’t Text and Drive.  The car accident lawyers at Gold, Khourey & Turak team with students each year to promote this important message.

Gold, Khourey and Turak have partnered with WTRF (Wheeling, WV) over the last several years, building awareness around the dangers of distracted driving.

WTRF reports that one in every four accidents are caused by texting and driving. Statistics show that about 1.6 million crashes every year are caused by cell phone use. The car accident lawyers at Gold, Khourey and Turak work with residents from all over the Ohio Valley (Wheeling, Steubenville, St. Clairsville, Moundsville) that are victims of car and truck accidents. The dangers of texting while operating a motor vehicle don’t only affect those in their vehicle, but everyone on the road.  The personal injury lawyers at Gold, Khourey and Turak know that prevention is the best way to cut down on car accidents.

We simply want to get the message out to the community that its important to put the phone down, to keep our roads safe.  I have four kids of my own. I want my kids safe.  I want my community safe.

Teena Miller, Truck Accident Attorney

Building awareness around the dangers of distracted driving is important to start with young drivers.  Over thirty students from the Ohio Valley are going to help in the crusade.  After discussing as a group, the students offered some great insight into how they could help the cause.

Tell the person that’s texting you, “Hey, I will get back to you when I get there.” Me getting to my destination safely is more important than replying to your text message or calling you back on the phone.

Badyn Woodford – Sophomore at St. Clairsville High School

Listen to the radio.  Stay focused. Keep looking forward, rather than trying to text and be connected to your friends.

Kora Anderson – Paden City, West Virginia

WTRF will be airing commercials throughout the year featuring the students of the Ohio Valley and car accident attorney Teena Miller.  The message is clear, distracted driving puts everyone in danger.  All drivers need to keep their eye on the road and off the phone.

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