What’s Your Car Accident Claim Worth? 5 Questions to Consider

As an injury lawyer with Gold, Khourey and Turak, I have helped many clients obtain fair compensation for their car accident claims.  Throughout my nearly 25 years of practice, I have recovered millions of dollars for my car accident injury clients. 

Oftentimes when I first meet with clients, they have questions about the value of their case.  

Here are the 5 most commonly asked questions I’m asked when valuing a car accident claim.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault and have questions, contact our office today at (304) 845-9750 for a free consultation.

Am I Entitled to Recover Money for my Claim?

Before agreeing to represent someone involved in a car accident I must first decide if they have a case.  I begin by investigating the accident.  I review the accident report, interview witnesses, speak to the police, and, sometimes, consult with experts trained in accident reconstruction. 

In very simple terms, I am looking to see if I can prove three things. 

First, there must be liability.  Someone other than you must be at fault for the car accident. 

Second, you must have sustained damages.  Typically, we are looking to see if you’ve been hurt or injured in the accident. 

Third, the injuries must be caused by the accident.  In other words, the person’s negligent act must cause or contribute to causing your personal injury. 

If you are missing any one of these three components, then you do not have a personal injury claim and would not be entitled to recover damages.

What’s My Car Accident Claim Worth?

This is a question I field every day and there is no exact answer.  There is no large, leather-bound book on my shelf that I refer to when valuing your case.  I always tell my car accident injury clients that juries decide the value of cases and the only way to know the exact value of your case is to go to trial.  Absent a trial, it is up to me, as your car accident lawyer, working with you and relying on my many years of experience to determine a reasonable value for your case.  

Car Insurance Giving Refunds

With over 40 years of experience, Gold, Khourey and Turak has represented thousands of people and resolved countless car accident injury claims in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Our experience, along with knowledge of the law and the methods used by insurance companies to value claims, makes us uniquely qualified to maximize your car accident injury compensation.

What Information Does GKT Rely on When Valuing a Case?

There are many, many variables that go into determining what your car accident claim is worth.  The most obvious considerations are the severity of your injury, whether it’s permanent, and the amount of your medical bills and lost wages. Additional considerations include the length of your recovery and the pain and suffering you experience.  Typically, the more severe the car accident injury the greater the recovery time and the greater the pain and suffering. 

Less obvious are issues over liability or causation.  For example, contested liability or uncertainty about whether the car accident caused your injury will make the case’s outcome less certain and will impact its value.  At GKT, we will aggressively investigate and prosecute your claim making sure that all necessary information is collected and properly incorporated into your claim so that you receive the highest possible compensation.

Does It Matter if My Accident Occurred in West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania?

Yes, where your car accident occurs can significantly impact the value of your claim.  Different jurisdictions have different laws for the handling and valuing of claims.  So, a car accident case with the exact same injury in St. Clairsville or Martins Ferry will have a different value from a car accident case in Wheeling or New Martinsville.  Depending on the case, some jurisdictions might limit or even eliminate your ability to recover certain damages. 

car crash

Also, the amount of your medical bills might be reduced, or you might have to use a portion of your settlement to pay back a third party.  The laws governing car accident claims are very complex and can be very confusing.  The insurance company is under no obligation to explain the different laws to you.  Not being familiar with the law and how it applies to your case can cost you thousands of dollars.  That is why you need a car accident lawyer with many years of experience handling personal injury claims across different states. 

At GKT, we have lawyers licensed to practice in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and have represented clients in all three states.  We have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that regardless of the jurisdiction, you will be fairly and appropriately compensated.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me with My Case?

Everyone loves a good deal.  Insurance companies are no exception and are always looking to settle your claim for as little as possible.  That’s why after a car accident the insurance company moves quickly to settle your claim before you have a chance to hire a car accident attorney. 

These initial offers rarely reflect the true value of your claim because an insurance company cannot work up your claim that quickly.  It takes time to properly value a car accident claim, to collect all the medical bills and lost wages, and to make sure that all the evidence is accounted for.  A good car accident lawyer knows the law and takes the time necessary for you to recover from your injuries before trying to resolve your claim.  A car accident lawyer will investigate your claim, document your losses, and make sure that an insurance company’s offer is fair and reasonable.

At GKT, we know what your car accident claim is worth and have the knowledge and experience to obtain the compensation you deserve.  We understand that all cases are different and that sometimes it’s important to be patient while you recover from a serious, life altering car accident injury.  We will work hard to ensure that your interests are protected, and that the insurance company understands your claim and appreciates what you’ve been through.  We will be your voice and will fight for you.

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Christopher Turak is a partner and car accident lawyer at Gold, Khourey & Turak.  His practice includes wrongful death and personal injury, with a special commitment to representing victims injured or killed by drunk or impaired drivers.  Chris has received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell, which is their highest peer rating standard.  This rating signifies that Chris is ranked at the highest level of professional excellence for his legal expertise, communication skills, and ethical standards.