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Tired of being denied for social security disability? The Right Attorney Makes a Difference when applying and winning your SSDI claim. The Law Firm of Gold, Khourey & Turak has proven results helping St. Clairsville residents with their Social Security Disability claims. We know the Social Security system and we can get you your benefits.  Need help?  Get help.  Get GKT.

If you are disabled and can no longer work, our team of trusted attorneys will walk you through the complicated process. Don’t let a denial letter be your last chance of hope. You have 60-days from your denial letter to file an appeal. We will help you appeal and win.

Our team of dedicated Social Security Attorneys have helped thousands of St. Clairsville residents with their social security disability claims. If you have been denied, we will fight to get you your benefits. If necessary, we will represent you in front of a judge on National Road. You have paid your whole life into Social Security. You deserve the benefits for you and your family.

Our experienced lawyers are here to make sure you aren’t fighting alone. If you are disabled and can no longer work, don’t give up. Gold, Khourey & Turak can help.

Why Choose a Local
St. Clairsville Social Security Disability Attorney?

We are not just your hired attorney –
we are your neighbor.

Teena Miller, Attorney and Belmont County Resident

Disability benefits are a federally run program. You will be able to find countless out-of-state attorneys and lawyers looking to help you with your claim. Some types of benefits are the same across all states, but there are circumstances that are West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania specific. We know Ohio’s social security laws and benefits.

Gold, Khourey and Turak is a local law firm that services St. Clairsville and surrounding Ohio Valley residents. We take great pride in helping our friends and neighbors claim the benefits and support they deserve. We are not just working as your attorney, we are working as your partner. We can meet in person – at your home or at our office. We are local and never mind traveling to Belmont County.

Your benefits and your money helps our economy and neighborhoods. Whether you previously worked in St. Clairsville or just reside in the city, we have the community fighting along with you. If you’re like most workers, you spent the majority of your life paying into Social Security. You earned the right to have social security disability benefits to work for you.

We Hear You - Our Lawyers are
Advocates and Partners

The majority of claims are denied by Social Security and many people simply give up and stop trying. Don’t give up. Get the help necessary to win your appeal. GKT has an experienced staff that will help you receive social security disability benefits and win your case.  Need help?  Get help.  Get GKT.

Local employees are hurt on the job every day. We hear about denied cases far too often. We have friends, family, and neighbors that have struggled with the system. But they didn’t struggle long. GKT was there to help and we are here right now to help you.

GKT specializes in social security disability – but we also specialize in communication. It is important that we talk with you and understand your situation. Social security might see words on a form. We see and hear people that need our help.

We get to know you and understand your situation. We fight to earn you benefits.


Selecting a Social Security Disability Attorney in
St. Clairsville, Ohio

There are plenty of SSDI attorneys to choose from in Belmont County. We understand that selecting a lawyer can be a difficult and a very important decision. Your future is directly tied to choosing the right attorney. Gold, Khourey & Turak want to make this an easy and impactful decision for you.

Saint Clairsville Ohio Social Security Attorney Taylor Potts

Our Law Firm's Core Values

GKT stands out as the preferred law firm in the Ohio Valley because we stand by our values.

  • Availability, Accessibility, and Clear Communication
  • Earn Trust and Represent our Clients and Their Best Interests
  • Deliver Results and Compensation to Disability Clients
  • Provide Strategy, Advice, Support, and Continued Counsel

GKT Attorneys' Reputation

Our staff is experienced, knowledgable, and driven. Gold, Khourey & Turak lawyers have over 100 combined years of service and trial experience. We have delivered millions in results and have earned the trust of Ohio residents since 1978.

You put your trust in us and we value your time. There is never an upfront cost to retain us, and your consultation is free. We know we can deliver you results and successfully guide you through a successful social security disability application/claim.

Larry Kalo Triadelphia, West Virginia

Chris really took the time to explain every aspect of this case with me. He truly is a pro!

Local Attorneys in St. Clairsville

Don’t be fooled by regional attorneys with remote offices in Belmont County. Selecting a local attorney can be crucial in the success of your case. We represent St. Clairsville residents because we are Ohio Valley locals.

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Trusted Experts in
Social Security Disability Law

Gold, Khourey and Turak work hard to be the best SSI practice in St. Clairsville and the Ohio Valley. We have talented lawyers that put in the time to research and learn the in’s and out’s of the social security system. We also help inform our clients to stay updated with SSDI/SSI trends and issues.

Attorney Taylor Potts has been providing articles and blogs for the firm and sharing content with the public for years. Knowledge is power and we want the power to be in the hands of our clients, friends, and neighbors.

Read more from Taylor and the Social Security Disability team.

Post-COVID Syndrome Disability & Social Security

Post-COVID Syndrome Disability & Social Security

COVID-19 has disrupted many things, including Social Security Disability benefits.  Post-Covid Syndrome Disability is serious. 

New VA Disability Benefits Announced

New VA Disability Benefits Announced

As of August 2, 2021, the VA will begin assessing breathing related problems for Veterans. If you need assistance with VA Disability benefits, contact our office at (304) 845-9750 for a free case review.

Preparing for Your Social Security Hearing

Preparing for Your Social Security Hearing

The majority of disability claims will be assigned a hearing with the administrative law judge in order to proceed to be considered for approval. While this can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be.

Social Security Disability Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Gold, Khourey & Turak successfully appeal and win for hundreds of denied clients each year – all with unique cases and personalized requests. Our lawyers are supported by the most dedicated, detail-oriented staff. We have practice area specialists to ensure that every guideline, restriction, or law is interpreted correctly.

St. Clairsville Ohio Social Security Disability Form

Disability Benefits Attorneys

Most of the claimants do not know how much money they should be entitled to receive when there claim is approved. The surprise is not often a good one. SSDI benefits are complicated to determine. GKT focuses on listening, consulting, and advising our Belmont County residents on how to proceed with applications and appeals. Don’t settle when you are denied and don’t start this process alone. We have legal help in St. Clairsville ready to meet and help you with your disability benefits.

St. Clairsville SS Denied Form

Survivors' Benefits Attorney

If you are a widow/widower and have questions regarding your Survivors’ Benefits – you are not alone. Every case is unique and the variables make it far too complex to complete on your own. We are local help that will work with you to uncover the exact amount you deserve based on your spouse, child, or dependents. We will spend the time to meet with you and understand your exact situation.

How Can GKT Help You?

GKT has been a trusted community law firm since 1978. We are the Ohio Valley’s top law firm when it comes to Trust, Communication, and Results. Disabled workers, veterans, and residents of St. Clairsville trust GKT to get them approved and compensated. There is no charge for a consultation, and you owe us nothing until we win benefits for you.

Free Consultation for St. Clairsville and Ohio Valley Residents

We offer free consultations on all social security disability claims. If you were denied, you have 60-days to contact our office and we will help you appeal. Our attorneys will talk to you about your options and will help determine your best course of action.

Most of our cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not charge a fee unless we obtain compensation for you.

If you think you have a case, we are ready to help. Contact your St. Clairsville SSDI/SSI today at (740) 546-2106, or complete our online form and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

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