Local Family Fights Back Against Oil & Gas Intrusion

Local Family Fights Back Against Oil & Gas Intrusion

This story originally appeared on WTRF 7News.

Charles and Kacey Gantzer of Glencoe Road said they felt like prisoners in their own home.

Although they never permitted any drilling activity, they say Summit Midstream Partners and Summit Midstream Utica workers contaminated their stream, made noise around the clock and used their front lawn as a staging area for all their heavy equipment and even their barbecue grill.

Homeowner, Kacey Gantzer said, “It was so loud. They were running multiple pump trucks, vacuum trucks, water trucks, generators. The fumes were terrible. You could smell them inside the house, outside of the house. My daughter was a month old when the spill started and I have an 18-month old. So nap time and sleep time was extremely disrupted. We couldn’t use our yard.

Gold Khourey & Turak, Christian Turak said, “Never once did they say hey let’s figure things out, let’s stop this activity, let’s knock on the Gantzers’ door. Let’s try to accommodate them the best we can. Never did that. These things are going on all over the Ohio Valley. It’s just that nobody sees them and nobody brings them to light.

They said they’re immensely grateful for Judge Frank Fregiato’s decision.

The judge has issued a preliminary injunction, with three parts: the drillers must stop using the Gantzer’s property, they must cease all activity between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., and they must cease all operations within 100 feet of the Gantzer’s home.

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