Medical Malpractice

$260,000 recovery. Medical Malpractice. Surgery results in nerve and vocal cord damage.

After carotid artery surgery, our client exhibited signs of one-sided laryngeal nerve damage. Surgeon negligently proceeded with surgery on opposite side also...
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$305,000 recovery. Medical Malpractice. Failure to screen and diagnose colon cancer leading to premature death.

The physician failed to screen patient for colorectal cancer. Colon cancer was diagnosed in a late stage with very low rate of...
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$540,000 recovery. Medical Malpractice. Failure to diagnose lung cancer causing premature death.

Our client’s c-scan revealed a cancerous tumor. The physicians failed to review the reports and diagnosis was not made for 10 months....
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$600,000 recovery. Optometric Malpractice. Failure to diagnose brain tumor.

Our client reported visual disturbances to optometrist who failed to recognize the significance of the problem and to refer our client to...
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$750,000 recovery. Medical Malpractice. Negligence following childbirth.

Our client’s newborn was delivered by emergency c-section. Staff failed to monitor and treat the premature infant’s low blood sugar in the...
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$950,000 recovery. Medical Malpractice. Surgery leading to sepsis.

Our client had a bowel resection. A segment of bowel was negligently left in the abdomen causing sepsis and renal failure. Our...
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