GKT Case Results

In an effort to educate potential clients about the work that we do, we have summarized a few of our cases. The following cases have been generalized in order to maintain confidentiality for all parties involved. Each case has its own set of facts, and the following settlements and verdicts have been obtained based on the facts and merits of each individual circumstance. Therefore, you should not equate the results in this section with respect to your claim.

Confidential Settlement Amount. Drunk driving crash resulting in death. Our client was hit head-on by a drunk driver and killed. The drunk driver was in the course and scope of his employment at the time of the crash. During our investigation, it was discovered that the drunk driver had multiple DUI’s on his record.

Confidential Settlement. Tractor Trailer accident causing death. Wrongful Death. Our client was killed instantly when a trailer came detached from the tractor and hit her head-on. The investigation revealed that the accident was caused by an improperly hitched trailer and an inadequately secured load.

$100+ Million – Oil & Gas Lease agreement. Hundreds of mineral owners comprising of tens of thousands of acres in Marshall and Ohio Counties joined together to form the Marshall and Ohio County Landgroup. The strength in numbers approach resulted in a historic $100 million lease agreement – the largest ever in the Northern Panhandle.

$19.6 million recovery. Coal mine explosion. A violent explosion at a local mine tragically killed several workers and seriously injured others. We represented families of two of the deceased and two injured workers.

$10.06 Million jury verdict – Class Action. In this class action lawsuit, we represented subscribers to a local health maintenance organization who were being overbilled for medical services.

$3.6 million recovery. Product Liability. Unsafe drug causing death. Our client took a prescribed drug and died. The manufacturer of the drug knew that the drug had dangerous side effects and failed to advise doctors and warn patients of risks associated with use. Settlement was reached prior to trial.

$3.5 million recovery. Industrial accident. Wrongful death. Our client was assisting in the tear-down and transportation of a crane when he became trapped in the “pinch point” between the bottom of the counterweight and the crane’s truck frame. The decedent’s widow made claims against her husband’s employer, the selling agent of the modified crane, and the company who originally purchased the crane and modified the counterweight that created the “pinch point hazard.” A settlement was reached during trial.

$2.4 million jury verdict. Police officer hit by drunk driver. Our client was employed as a police officer for a city police department. While directing traffic, our client was struck by a drunk driver whose blood alcohol level was .18. Our client suffered trauma to his back, neck, and lower extremities. He also suffered from headaches, memory loss, and concentration difficulties. In addition, our client required more than 2 years of medical treatment and missed 2 months of work. Case settled post-verdict.

$1.6 million recovery. Job site accident. Wrongful death. Our client was working with a demolition crew that was preparing to tear down a building. A fellow crew member had just finished cutting the steel support rods that were supporting the main roof, and our client was instructed to attach a line to the roof so it could be pulled down. Unfortunately, the building collapsed onto our client who was in the process of tying the line to the roof. Settlement was reached prior to trial.

$1.5 million recovery. Automobile accident. While driving on the interstate, our client encountered heavy fog and pulled off the side of the highway leaving the lights on. While pulled off the side of the road, our client was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer, which resulted in an 11-car pile-up. Our client suffered blindness in her right eye, multiple fractures, tendon and nerve damage to her right arm, multiple facial injuries with scarring, multiple rib fractures, and bilateral pneumothorax. Case settled prior to trial.

$1.4 million settlement. Automobile accident & Insurance bad faith. Our client was injured in an automobile accident by an unknown driver who fled the scene. Our client filed a lawsuit against the unknown driver and made a claim against her own insurance under the terms of her uninsured motorist coverage. Our client repeatedly made requests that her own insurance company adjust her claim, but all requests went unacknowledged. After a trial, the Court entered a judgment against the unknown driver and awarded more than $1,000,000 in damages. Judgment was also entered against our client’s insurance carrier for the uninsured policy limit.

$1.25 million recovery. Product Liability. Unsafe drug causing death. Our client took a prescribed drug and died. The manufacturer of the drug knew that the drug had dangerous side effects and failed to advise doctors and warn patients of risks associated with use. Settlement was reached prior to trial.

$950,000 recovery. Medical Malpractice. Surgery leading to sepsis. Our client had a bowel resection. A segment of bowel was negligently left in the abdomen causing sepsis and renal failure. Our client lost more bowel and suffered failure to thrive syndrome. Settlement was reached prior to trial.

$900,000 recovery. Automobile accident. We represented a husband and wife that were hit head on by a tandem truck. The husband underwent multiple surgeries to repair fractures to his femur, hip, and mandible. Although the wife’s injuries were not as severe, she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from the emotional stress and anxiety of the accident.

$885,000 recovery. Death case involving firefighter. Our client, a volunteer firefighter, was a passenger in a tanker fire truck driven by another volunteer firefighter who failed to control the vehicle. The decedent’s estate alleged that the driver of the fire truck failed to maintain control of the fire truck, was driving at an excessive rate of speed, and failed to use ordinary care in the operation of the vehicle. The decedent’s estate further contended that the defendant was driving under the influence of alcohol. Settlement was obtained during mediation.

$765,000 recovery. Job site accident. Our client was working for his employer building a new home. As the defendant attempted to boom drywall through an opening in the upstairs of the house, the unsecured drywall shifted causing it to fall on the plank where our client was standing. As a result of his fall, our client sustained a serious head injury and 2 herniated discs.

$750,000 recovery. Automobile accident resulting in severe disability. Our client was forced into the median strip by a tractor-trailer that was changing lanes. Injuries included intracerebral hematoma resulting in severe disability which requires 24-hour care. This case went to trial twice before settling on the first day of the third trial.

$750,000 recovery. Medical Malpractice. Negligence following childbirth. Our client’s newborn was delivered by emergency c-section. Staff failed to monitor and treat the premature infant’s low blood sugar in the hours following birth which resulted in the child being severely retarded and legally blind. Settlement was reached prior to trial.

$625,000 recovery. Swimming Pool death. We represented a family on behalf of their young child who drowned in a swimming pool despite having numerous swimming lessons and two lifeguards on duty. Negligence included failure to adequately supervise individuals using the pool, failure to adequately staff the facility, failure to have adequate first aid equipment available, and failure to adequately train personnel. Case settled prior to trial.

$600,000 recovery. Optometric Malpractice. Failure to diagnose brain tumor. Our client reported visual disturbances to optometrist who failed to recognize the significance of the problem and to refer our client to an ophthalmologist. One year later an MRI revealed a brain tumor. Emergency surgery was performed, but it was too late. Our client has permanent total loss of vision in right eye, and limited vision in left eye. Settlement was reached prior to trial.

$540,000 recovery. Medical Malpractice. Failure to diagnose lung cancer causing premature death. Our client’s c-scan revealed a cancerous tumor. The physicians failed to review the reports and diagnosis was not made for 10 months. Failure to diagnosis lung cancer resulted in our client’s premature death. Settlement was reached prior t trial.

$475,000 recovery. Wrongful Death. Suicide while admitted to facility. We represented the estate of an individual who was admitted to a mental health facility for suicide attempts and severe depression. The facility failed to follow suicide protocol and remove items that were of danger to our client, which included shoestrings. Our client hanged himself with his shoestrings. Settlement was reached prior to trial.

$350,000 recovery. Pedestrian accident resulting in death. Our client was walking on the sidewalk when a box truck backed onto the sidewalk striking him, causing severe multiple fractures of the pelvis as well as disruption of his urethra. He remained in the intensive care unit until his death three weeks later. Case settled prior to trial.

$305,000 recovery. Medical Malpractice. Failure to screen and diagnose colon cancer leading to premature death. The physician failed to screen patient for colorectal cancer. Colon cancer was diagnosed in a late stage with very low rate of survival. Our client died within months of the diagnosis. Settlement was reached prior to trial.

$260,000 recovery. Medical Malpractice. Surgery results in nerve and vocal cord damage. After carotid artery surgery, our client exhibited signs of one-sided laryngeal nerve damage. Surgeon negligently proceeded with surgery on opposite side also causing damage to the nerve on the opposite side which required a tracheostomy. Client suffered permanent vocal cords damage. Settlement was reached prior to trial.

$237,500.00 recovery. Barge accident. Admiralty Claim. Our client was injured while working as a deck hand on a tow boat for his employer. When our client attempted to descend a ladder into the hopper of the barge to assist with the cleaning, the wooden ladder was not secured at the top and did not have rubber cleats on the bottom causing the ladder to slide out from underneath him and fall into the hole of the barge. Our client suffered from retrograde amnesia and a sustained a closed head injury. He developed headaches, dizziness, tremors, cognitive problems, severe anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, TMJ and sleeplessness. Our client filed a lawsuit alleging negligence under the Jones Act, unseaworthiness of defendant’s vessels, and a claim for maintenance and cure. This claim settled prior to trial, in addition to workers’ compensation benefits.

$125,000 recovery. Drunk driving accident resulting in injury. Our client was struck head-on by a drunk driver who entered the wrong side of the highway via an exit ramp. Injuries included right arm fracture and dislocation, and a permanent left eye injury. The case settled for policy limits without going to trial.