Careless Truck Drivers Have No Place On Our Roads

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Careless Truck Drivers Have No Place On Our Roads

Our roads, our towns, built by generations of local residents and union workers, are growing a little louder and more dangerous. Every day in communities throughout the Ohio Valley, drivers and residents are faced with an increasing number of trucks on our roads. While we rely on tractor trailers and other trucks to keep our economy moving, we expect they do so safely. However, all too often, drivers come around a bend to encounter a truck taking up both sides of the road or driving too fast. When you consider the topography of the Ohio Valley, and local roads such as Rt. 250, Atkinson’s Crossing, Stone Church Road, and many others (yes, you know “those” roads) seemingly not built for over-sized loads, it’s a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, many of us and our loved ones have had the frightening experience of unexpectedly coming face-to-face with one of these large trucks. Let’s be clear, there are many truck drivers and companies who operate safely and we appreciate their professionalism and courtesy. But, there are some that do not. Over-sized loads should have signage and escorts, and truck drivers should consider the road conditions and adjust their speed accordingly. Unfortunately, truck and tractor-trailer accidents often result in wrongful death, serious personal injury, and significant property damage. These types of accidents can be avoided by using common sense and operating in a safe manner.

Our law firm is located in Moundsville, and our families live, work and play in the Ohio Valley. Whether a truck crash happens on busy 2-mile Hill coming down from the Highlands, or on a rural road in Belmont County, we know the uneasy feeling that is shared by many. Our families drive these roads too and we share a common interest in making them safer for everyone. We represent people wrongly injured or killed in truck crashes. We know firsthand the devastating impact that careless truck drivers have on individuals and families.

As we welcome others into our community, raising the economy and providing jobs and opportunities, we need to protect our rights. The right to safe roads, and the right to fair compensation when a trucking company puts profits before safety. When your rights are compromised, you can count on GKT. We will find out what went wrong, demand accountability and seek justice for you and your family. You have questions. We demand answers.

About the truck video

The video below was provided by a friend of our firm, Fred Schleicher. Fred was driving on a rural road in Ohio County. The truck already ran one car off the road, that’s when Fred decided to start recording the rest of his drive. Unfortunately, what you are about to see happens all too often in our communities.

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Is there a local road that you feel is too dangerous for truck traffic? We want to hear from you.

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