When can a bar be held liable for a car accident?

Unfortunately, as a car accident lawyer, I see the devastating results of drunk driving crashes all too often.  You must first keep in mind, it’s not how many drinks a person has consumed, but how the alcohol has affected that person.  If the bar employee served an obviously intoxicated person, then the bar can be held responsible if a patron leaves and causes a car accident.  If you feel a bar or other establishment played a role in a drunk driving accident, contact our office at (304) 845-9750 and speak with a personal injury attorney immediately.  Proving intoxication of a bar patron often takes eyewitness testimony from other customers or employees and time can be a critical factor.  We can help locate witnesses, interview them, and obtain statements while they still remember what happened.

Our personal injury and car accident lawyers work for you and are committed to reviewing your case with you at no cost.  If you think you have a case, contact us for a free consultation and let us review your situation.

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