5 Tips for Avoiding Accidents on Slick Ohio Valley Roads

5 Tips for Avoiding Accidents on Slick Ohio Valley Roads

Too often I see people getting injured because another driver ignored dangerous road conditions. Imagine getting hurt on your way to work because another driver lost control of their vehicle and hit you. You could suffer lost wages because of your injuries and have no way to pay off your medical bills. What about damage to your vehicle? This isn’t something people are prepared for, but it can happen to anyone at any time.

You can’t prevent a negligent driver from causing an accident, however…

You can reduce your risk of becoming the victim of a serious accident.

Here are five safe driving tips for driving in bad weather:

Wipers on. Headlights on. Turn on your headlights so other drivers can see you. When other drivers see you, they’ll be less likely to hit you. 

Count your following distance.  A three-second following distance is the safety standard for driving in dry weather conditions, but it’s not enough time to stop when the roads are wet or icy. Stopping from higher speeds on slick roads requires more distance. For this reason, it’s best to keep a ten second following distance when it’s raining or snowing, or if the roads are covered in ice.

Tip: You can time your following distance by focusing on a fixed object and counting the time it takes for you to pass the object after the car in front of you passes it. If you’re following too closely, slow down and try counting again.

Slow and steady wins the race.  Instead of rushing yourself, try leaving a little earlier than usual to give yourself extra time to get to your destination. If you sleep through your alarm, simply call someone to let them know you’ll be late. No matter the situation, yours and others’ live are not worth the risk of an accident.

Prepare your car for seasonal weather conditions.  Set yourself up with a set of winter tires. Winter tires are ideal for their flexibility at low temperatures and provide better traction for braking and taking turns on slick roads.

Replace your windshield wipers with rubber-lined blades to clear away light snow accumulation. Remember to use a scraper if your windshield is covered with heavy snow and ice, and to clean all of your car’s windows.

Beware of other drivers.  You can’t depend on other drivers to be prepared for bad weather. Be on your guard for reckless drivers by keeping both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. Make sure to set your mirrors so you can watch the traffic behind you and take a second glance to your right and left before turning or going through an intersection. Do not text and drive, and use hands-free devices for phone calls.

Remember, car accidents can happen to anyone at any time for any reason. Following these tips won’t always guarantee you a safe trip, but they will lessen your risk of getting into an accident. Be sure to watch the local weather reports at News 9 or Channel 7 News and be prepared when bad weather heads your way.

If you’ve been seriously hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, don’t trust the insurance company to protect you. GKT can help you with your property damage, lost wages, and medical bills, and get you the compensation you deserve. Call (304) 845-9750 or contact us online today.

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